EASY VEGETARIAN RICE BOWL w| Morning Star Patties | Kristine Reyes

Hi guys! This video is to show you how I make my favorite Morning Star Vegetarian Rice Bowl. Thank you for watching my video, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Also like this video and leave a comment down below of what type of videos you want to see next.

xoxo, kristine

◆ ◇Ingredients

✤any veggies you want
✤3 Morning Star Patties
✤Trader Joe’s Rice Orzo Pilaf Mix OR any flavored rice
✤salt & pepper
✤2 cups of water
✤chopped green onion for garnish

◆ ◇Instructions
✤place all ingredients to the pan and let it cooked
✤add in water and rice mix and let boil
✤turn down the heat to simmer and let rice cook for 20 minutes
✤served yourself a bowl of easy vegetarian rice bowl 😀

◆ ◇Camera Used in this Video:

♡ Amazon, Canon EOS Rebel T6:

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♡Audio YouTube Library: Venice Beach, Topher Mohr & Alex Elena

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♡Snapchat: @giddyxtine

See you guys in my next video! ☺

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